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Building the future

A collection of inspiration sources

To build the infrastructure of actionable clinical genomics and precision medicine, I am working on our automated results platforms. An important requirement is the translation of results to users, such as doctors and patients. This page hosts some examples of viz inspo that I draw from. Some pages or links may be dead - this repo is for design reference.

St. Jude cloud

The St. Jude-Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project became the world’s most ambitious effort to discover the origins of childhood cancer and seek new cures. Here are a few pages to see:

Figure: Examples from St. Jude cloud. Left: Analysis workflows each contain a one-page tutorial on running the app and include screenshots, code snippets, data types, etc. It serves as the user documentation. Top right: Apps include (i) the genomics platform - shown in previous panel - it documents the analysis workflows available on St. Jude. (ii) PeCan - shown in next panel. (iii) Visualisation community app (not shown) tracks the collection of all interactive or published viz such as HiC data, genome browsers, genomepaint splicing, etc. Bottom right: The PeCan app - interactive visualizations of variants and datasets used by all members.

Figure: Great examples from St. Jude viz community. No comment or labels, just some examples.